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Trotting to global success

Trotting to global success January 12, 2016Leave a comment

Pinktrotters is a global lifestyle network of women who can access exclusive experiences, travel and female-only privileges, shared with like-minded individuals.

I set it up because an increasing number of women who travel solo and/or move to foreign countries for work as well as leisure, often have no connections besides some work colleagues.

By joining the Pinktrotters network women are able to build relationships with other like-minded women and can locate the best hairdresser, spa, bar or restaurant in any given town.

In reality, women have to cope with more stressful situations than men do. Combining work, career and family can become difficult to manage. Often women need a moment to themselves or to spend time with women who are facing similar lifestyle challenges or aspirations.

I wanted to create a fun and entertaining way for women to get together and enjoy their time away from the office, wherever they were, and to share their passion for fashion, wellness, food and the arts.

A common challenge with other social networks is that they are mixed gender and are sometimes used as a dating platform by men, often looking for something more than just friendship.

Pinktrotters is a women-only network. We personally vet ambassadors who are based in each city. This means our community members can trust the 100 ambassadors we currently have and their recommendations. Ambassadors also use the platform and the network to increase the visibility of their personal passions and professional activities.

article template - Eliana Salvi2 Bloggers discovering Ascoli Piceno, Italy, on bikes.

My life has totally changed since I started this adventure as entrepreneur over two years ago. During that time I have had to cope with many challenges. Money isn’t as secure as before as I’ve had to let go of a pretty high and solid monthly salary.

I’ve had to say bye bye to personal trips (I used to travel almost every single weekend to a different destination). As for my once paid for beauty rituals, they are no more. Instead there is the ‘me-beautician’. Ditto for other personal expenses such as shopping and the gym (I’ve now taken up pounding the pavement on my runs).

I’ve also gained a high dose of uncertainty and daily stress, all of which may leave you wondering: why did you do it and why are you still doing it? The answer is simple: I do it because I believe in it – and because I enjoy it.

I always say to new startups, if you have doubts and uncertainties about your idea and its success, don’t go for it. If you feel you shouldn’t leave your current job for your new idea, don’t go for it. If you aren’t the one investing in it first then why would you expect anybody else to?

One more thing. There is no way you can reach your goals by yourself. Teamwork is essential and having a team is the real source of success. Without my team I wouldn’t be able to achieve any of my goals. With a team you share the pain but most of all the successes – and you go further. Having started the company alone, I know what I’m talking about.

Enjoy your entrepreneurial journey, and the ups and downs. Overall it’s fun and I couldn’t have learned about business and being entrepreneur any faster in another job. My journey is still very much an uphill one, but I can see the light ahead and I cannot stop until I reach it.


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Eliana Salvi
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Entrepreneur Eliana Salvi is the mind behind Pinktrotters. Born in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, she moved to Milan aged 19 to study International Management at Bocconi University. After she graduated, Eliana joined a British multinational company through a graduate programme and climbed the career ladder during her six years there. At the end of 2013, her passion for travel and getting to know different cultures led her to leave her finance manager role to set up Pinktrotters, a powerful, international community of women to connect with other women with similar interests and enables them to network and build long-lasting relationships. Eliana speaks four languages, loves dancing, running marathons, watching movies, playing piano and reading.

You can connect with Pinktrotters on Instragram, Twitter and Facebook.

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