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How to use social media to reach a bigger audience

How to use social media to reach a bigger audience March 11, 2014Leave a comment

Whether you are enthusiastic about social media or scared within an inch of your life about logging onto Twitter or Facebook, our Digital Clinic is here to help. We are all facing the same pressure to keep up with the frequent changes and demands of the various online applications and digital platforms. Campbell X, an experienced digital strategist and award-winning filmmaker, is here to answer your questions, no matter how trivial, about using social media on your creative journey.

Q: I’ve just made a short film. Apart from YouTube, how else can I attract an audience on social media?

campbell X imageCampbell X: Making a film takes up a lot of your time and energy. However film is perfect for social media as it includes all the elements that people on social media respond to – pictures and videos.

Make sure your video is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for YouTube so you can give your video the best chance of being found by people searching for your type of film.

Be a player on YouTube. Make comments on other people’s films which are similar to yours. Use hashtags in the comment section. And when you upload your video onto YouTube, make sure people know that it is there.

Tips include:

1. Tweet to your followers using the relevant hashtags to entice people to see your film.

2. Use your own personal Facebook page to ask your friends to take a look at the video and comment. Be prepared for people to say unflattering as well as flattering things.

3. If you have a blog, embed the video in the blog and speak about your journey to make the film. Do you have any tips for other filmmakers?

4. Look at what other filmmakers are doing with their films which are similar to yours on social media. Remember social media is not about “one size fits all”.

5. Don’t forget good old fashioned email. Email your friends and family, and encourage them to share the video.

6. Get your film into film festivals, or arrange screenings. Always take pictures at events and share them on social media. Instagram and Facebook are great for this.

7. Make sure you are involved and engaged in conversations (both offline and online) which are relevant to the issues in, and genre of your film.

Find out more about Campbell X at or on Twitter: @campbellx

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