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How to engage women on social media

How to engage women on social media April 17, 2014Leave a comment

Whether you are enthusiastic about social media, or scared within an inch of your life about logging onto Twitter or Facebook, Campbell X and our Digital Clinic are here to help. This week the spotlight is on women, who according to the majority of research on social media trends, engage with social media far more than men.

Q: If you want to target and engage a specifically female audience, how do you do this?

campbell X imageCampbell X: When people think of social media, we imagine a world of information at our fingertips – instantly accessible. However, in many cases, it can appear to be more of a space dominated by men intent on silencing women, as recent trolling cases have shown.

    First of all you need to collect your own data to see who is actually coming to your website or social media space, including by age.

    You can do this by using online analytical tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, for Twitter and Facebook, and Hootsuite Analytics.

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    Demographics Pro can give you a breakdown of likes, interests and gender on Twitter. If you are already using Twitter’s promoted tweets option, you will have access to Twitter’s native analytics which you can also filter according to gender, location and interests, along with other metrics.  

    YouTube Analytics are useful for looking at audiences in terms of age, gender and location, also how they view your individual videos. Statigram is a simple free tool for measuring your Instagram Analytics, if you want to drill down in much more detail Nitrogram is a powerful paid-for tool.

    When you examine your data and establish that you are reaching women, then you can sit pretty. If not, you will need to:

    • Know where the women who you want to target are most likely to be found and engage with them on social media.

    • Use language and a medium that women will respond to on social media

    Where are the women?

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    According to Pew Research Centre report, in December 2013 women had the edge over men for every social media platform except LinkedIn. 

    Facebook still dominates with 71 per cent of all people in the Pew survey used the social networking platform.

    The breakdown in terms of gender on social media is:

    • Facebook – 76 per cent women/ 66 per cent men

    • Twitter – 18 per cent women / 17 per cent men

    • Instagram – 20 per cent women / 15 per centmen

    • Pinterest – 33 per cent women / 8 per cent men

    • LinkedIn – 19 per cent women / 24 per cent men

    How are women using social media?

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    According to a the Nielsen Report in March 2014, women use social media to:

    • To get news –  28 per cent get more than 50 per cent of their news from social media sources than men (25 per cent)

    • 65 per cent use it to stay in touch with family and friends

    • More women use social media than men as a creative outlet, particularly for blogging and uploading/sharing photos (28 per cent women vs. 23 per cent men)

    Women are also slightly less trusting of brands than men. The Nielsen report suggests they women more likely to respond to some themes differently to men while sharing a common response to other themes.

    Women tend to respond to:

    • Humour

    • Celebrity endorsements

    • Pets and Kids

    • Family Situations

    • Real Life Stories

    Targeting your audience is never a one-size-fits-all approach. You will need to ensure that your medium matches you or your product if you are representing a brand.

    Results can be seen through an internal process of defining your goals, listening, trying out different approaches, analysing, tweaking and trying again until you get the desired approach.

    Find out more about Campbell X at or on Twitter: @powwowsocial

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