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How to be powerful on Twitter – part two

How to be powerful on Twitter – part two September 26, 2014Leave a comment

Whether you are enthusiastic about social media, or scared within an inch of your life about logging onto Twitter or Facebook,Campbell X and our Digital Clinic are here to help. In the second part of Campbell’s blog post on increasing your power on Twitter, she offers five more useful tips to get you started.

campbell X imageCampbell X: Twitter is a great social media platform for conversing, sharing and engaging with your audience. Apart from tweeting, there are many ways you can enhance your Twitter reach and levels of engagement.

In the first of this two part post, we showed you how to embed a tweet, how to delete your location, when to use the dot before a mention, how to indicate a modified tweet and how to create a hashtag button. In this second post, I give you five more tips to help you become a Twitter power user, including the best search techniques and how to produce a memorable bio.


6. Power search techniques

Twitter uses Boolean Search Operators very similar to Google, which means you can combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT and NEAR to refine or widen your search. You can save the search to keep up to date on changing conversations on Twitter dealing with your topic of interest. If you look at the arrows in the diagram below, you can also filter the search to show everything such as photos and videos, to show only the search results from people you follow. You can also filter by location to those nearby.




If you can’t find what you are looking for you can use Twitter’s Advanced Search. There you can search for exact phrases, hashtags, specific languages, people and their tweets, places, specific dates and sentiments.



7. Learn how to change trends

You can change the location of the trends to see what is trending on Twitter in another area of your country or what’s trending in a foreign country.



By clicking on Change, you will be taken to another page where you can choose from more than 150 locations. You can also choose to have Tailored Trends, which are based on your location and who you follow on Twitter.




8. Get your Twitter archive

You download your Twitter archive by going into Settings, Profile and scroll down. When you download your archive, you will be able to see all your tweets (including Retweets) from the moment you started on Twitter. When you have your Twitter archive, you can select your tweets by month, or search your Twitter history for certain words, phrases, hashtags or @usernames.




9. Write a kickass bio

Your Twitter bio is one of the first things people might come across when they search for you on the Internet. Use the 160-character limit Twitter bio space to your benefit. Include keywords, your followers or potential followers you may be trying to find. Don’t be shy about your accomplishments. Use hashtags sparingly and link to other Twitter usernames that you are associated with. Hillary Clinton’s bio lists her achievements and also a sense of humour.


article image - Hillary Clinton

10. Create a widget for your website

It’s always a good idea to let people who visit your website know you are on Twitter. Apart from having a Twitter icon, you can create a Twitter widget to embed in your website or blog. People can follow you without even going to Twitter, and they can get an idea of your tweets, your favorites or a search you wish to share. Click on the Create Widget button and when you are satisfied with what you have, copy and paste the HTML code into your website.




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