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How to be powerful on Twitter – part one

How to be powerful on Twitter – part one September 26, 2014Leave a comment

Whether you are enthusiastic about social media, or scared within an inch of your life about logging onto Twitter or Facebook, Campbell X and our Digital Clinic are here to help. In the first of a two part post, Campbell looks at useful ways to increase your influence, power and confidence on Twitter.

Q: I’m regularly on Twitter but I have no idea if I’m making an impact. What do I need to do?
campbell X imageCampbell X: Becoming a Twitter power user is not hard to do. Using a few tried and tested tricks you can enhance your reach and engagement with your audience.

You don’t have to be pushy or need to be on Twitter every second of the day to make an impact. Once you understand the etiquette and apply them, your confidence will grow and before long you will see results that will make a difference to how you engage online. In no time you will be able to call yourself as a Twitter power user of note.



1. Embedding a tweet

You don’t need to take a screen grab of a tweet to share it. All you need to do is select the tweet, then click on More. There are several options on offer, (one of which is Mute so you can silence tweets when someone is doing your head in with what you consider to be far too many tweets). From More, click on Embed tweet.




Another screen will come up which looks like the image below. You can then copy the code and paste it into your website or blog.



2. Deleting location

Sometimes you don’t want people to know where you are tweeting from. You can delete the location of your previous tweets and future ones by going in to Settings, Security and Privacy. In the Privacy section, uncheck “Add a location to my tweets” and click on “Delete all location information”.




3. Dot before [email protected] mention

Have you noticed how some people are tweeting mentions with a period before the mention like this [email protected]? When you tweet at a person using @DigitalWomenUK (without the period) the information will only come up in the timeline of users who follow both you and the person you are tweeting at. It is a private conversation. If you put that dot before your mention it will come up in the timeline of all your followers. This then becomes a public conversation. This however only works if the mention is at the beginning of your tweet.



4. MT – modified tweet

If you see this in a tweet it means that the tweet was too long for the RT (retweet), which means that it needed to be edited before being tweeted again. Placing MT in the Tweet indicates to everyone this was not the wording of the original tweet.




5. Creating a hashtag button

A hashtag is a great way of generating and curating Twitter conversations, especially if you are running an event. You can easily create a hashtag button for your website in advance of the event. It is an effective way to publicise the hashtag you are using, as well as enabling the hashtag to be easily used by tweeps.


For more tips on becoming a Twitter Power User read Part 2

Find out more about Campbell X at or on Twitter: @powwowsocial

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