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How to be an influencer online

How to be an influencer online March 24, 2014Leave a comment

Whether you are enthusiastic about social media or scared within an inch of your life about logging onto Twitter or Facebook, our Digital Clinic is here to help. We are all facing the same pressure to keep up with the frequent changes and demands of the various online applications and digital platforms. Campbell X, an experienced digital strategist and award-winning filmmaker, is here to answer your questions, no matter how trivial, about using social media on your creative journey.

Q: I keep hearing about having “influence” on social media. What does that mean exactly?

campbell X imageCampbell X: An influencer is someone who has expertise in a particular professional area, whose opinion is valued and who is often consulted to give an opinion, or an outspoken activist or cultural producer with very active and committed followers, even if they are small in numbers.

In the contemporary world where word of mouth and peer to peer opinions matter to brands and service providers, social media influencers have become people that are openly courted, especially if they are also content providers.

One’s influence can be measured by a Klout Score. The Klout Score is a number between one to 100 that represents your influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score.

Article image - Barack Obama

An example of someone with an almost perfect Klout Score at 99 is Barack Obama, the President of the USA, with 42M followers. Jessica Clark who plays Lilith in True Blood has a Klout Score of 53 with a follower count of 12.1K. My own Klout Score is 62 with 3,920 followers. As you can see the Klout Score is not about the number of followers you might have.

A Klout Score is dependent on:

  • Facebook likes, shares and comments generated by the content you create.
  • Twitter activity like retweets, mentions and being placed on lists.
  • Google+ activity in the form of +1s, comments, mentions and shares.
  • Instagram likes and comments.
  • Wikipedia page – if you have your own Wikipedia page it also shows that you are influential offline as well in the so-called “real word”.
  • The Klout Score of your friends and followers.

In order to be an influencer, here are five tips to get you started.

1. Be visible

Article Image - Be visible
Make sure your social media presence is public. If you have a private account and do not show your face with a good photo, it is harder to gain any trust with your followers. Increasingly, transparency as a way to build trust is very valuable on social media platforms.

2. Be a specialist

Article Image - Be a specialist
If you have a skill or knowledge which is specialist, and you have an opinion, this can give you a head start in becoming an influencer.

3. Be entertaining and educational

Article image - Be entertaining
Create content that is educational, entertaining or driving a call to action. If you are writer, write. If you are visual, create images. Share, share and share. Do not let your content sit on your site. Invite your followers to have a look.

4. Be generous

Article Image - Be generous
Spread the love by sharing other influencers’ content. Be generous and don’t hog the whole limelight.

5. Be an expert

Article Image - Be an expert
Share your expertise on other platforms by being a guest blogger or commentator on relevant sites.
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