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#DWUKTalks with Angela Martinez Dy

#DWUKTalks with Angela Martinez Dy November 25, 2014

Digital Women UK hosts regular Twitter talks (using the hashtag #DWUKTalks) on a topic that shows the link between creativity and social media, and highlights the women who are making a difference online. This month Joy Francis talks to writer and entrepreneurship scholar Angela Martinez Dy of Nottingham University Business School, about women and digital entrepreneurship.

Silicon Valley. East London Tech City. The image of the digital entrepreneur astride a tech start-up is often overbearingly white, male and all things geeky. But how much does this reflect the reality? The tendency to focus on the high value and high growth digital initiatives misrepresents and overshadows the 98 per cent who are innovating in a way that doesn’t reflect this stereotypical image. The surge in self employment in the UK, especially among women, and their presence on many social media platforms (often outstripping men) suggests a different story. It doesn’t help that there is a lack of research in this field, that many women are not fully informed of what digital entrepreneurship means, and are unaware of how they can take advantage of the opportunities on offer. On hand to guide us through this maze is digital native and academic Angela Martinez Dy, who will draw upon her recent research to discuss why we need to look beyond the world of the tech start-up to understand how women are using the Internet entrepreneurially.

Angela Martinez Dy

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Angela Martinez Dy is a poet, writer and educator at the University of Nottingham. Co-founder and former director of Youth Speaks Seattle, the city’s premier youth creative writing and performance organisation. Angela is interested in how entrepreneurship, digital technologies and social positionality converge. As a daughter of immigrants, this digital native and intersectional cyberfeminist scholar teaches about entrepreneurship as part of the Haydn Green Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Nottingham University Business School.

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  • What is digital entrepreneurship
  • Why it is of particular importance for women
  • Angela’s research findings on women’s Internet entrepreneurship
  • The opportunities and barriers
  • Useful examples
  • The importance of tangible resources, social capital, networks and funding