Young and gifted in tech

This event has been postponed until later in 2020

Missing in Action

Launch of OneTech

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DWUK Relaunch: From Missing in Action to Founders in Formation

The terrain of diversity in tech entrepreneurship has undoubtedly shifted since 2011, when I began m...

Inspiring young people into tech

The laws of the universe state that every action has a reaction, either being grander than the initi...

Striving for inclusive investment

Just over a year ago I wrote this blog post: “I assume that man in your slide deck is your husband...

Gaming for change

I was brought up in a house that embraced technology. My father was fascinated by computers. The mor...

Putting feminism into Artificial Intelligence

Women Reclaiming AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Activism is a workshop created by Birgitte Aga and...

Young and gifted in tech

I want a career in technology. I am 17 years old and currently studying for my A levels in physics, ...

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